Hopp is the sustainable transportation solution for the world’s modern city. We enable you to travel around your area without leaving a carbon footprint.


Locate a vehicle

Use the app to find the nearest vehicle or scan the QR code directly.


Enjoy your ride

Ride around the service area freely and be mindful of others.


Park responsibly

When you've reached your destination please park responsibly.

Hopp's mission is to leave behind a cleaner planet, one ride at a time. Since day one, the company has actively made sure that all parts of the business are carbon negative.

We carbon offset shipping and our service vehicles are all electric or carbon neutral.

Total CO2 saved


Total distance traveled


Hopp around the neighbourhood and reduce your carbon footprint.

Micromobility is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Hopp offers an end-to-end solution to bring our service to your city.

Hoppers in the wild

Hopp makes urban travel more green and convenient. Try it out.

Download the app and start riding today

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